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Online Giving

We now have an online giving opportunity for those who might prefer.
There are three ways to do this:

      #1 - Give on this Website:  click here

             This is the recommended way to give online using the platform. 

             No need to create an account -- this is our direct link -- but it's an option.

      #2 - Give Online

             If you're on a computer (or any device with an internet connection), you can give online 

                by heading to  Once there, create an account or sign in with a current account. 

             Search for Living Word Lutheran Church in  Moses Lake,  and  fill in the giving form.

       #3 - Give Using your Smartphone via an App

              If you want to give to LW using the convenience of your smartphone, 

               download the App from the App Store (iPhone) or Google Play Store (Android), 

              then create an account or log in, locate our church, and tap "Give Now" to complete your gift. 

Contact Us

Minister of Word & Sacrament:


Rev. Lou Hesse, pastor

LouandDebHesse [at] gmail [dot] com

      (509) 765- 0321 -- at home  (no texting)

      (509) 760- 0274 -- Pastor's cell (no texting)
      (509) 750-2486 -- Debbie's cell (texting OK)

Pastor Lou doesn't keep regular "office hours" at the church.   If you would like to come by to talk about something important, appointments can be arranged at nearly any time, by request.  Give him a call or email.  Or come to  TABLE TALK -- Thursdays between 5 and 7 PM -- just to chat and/or discuss any questions you have run across in your devotions, readings, conversations, or from Sunday's sermon.  Drop in/out, in the fellowship hall.

Board of Directors: 2023

President:     Curtis Robillard

Vice President: Ruth Peppler

Secretary:        Debbie Hesse  

Treasurer:        Tom Ellestad  

crobillard [at] homenetnw [dot] net      4429 Dunn St. NE, Moses Lake

ruthiepeppler [at] gmail [dot] com        

LouandDebHesse [at] gmail [dot] com    250 Rd. 5 NE,  Moses Lake

t.donkeys [at] gmail [dot] com             3954 Mae Valley Rd., Moses Lake

Board of Elders:

Tom Ellestad    t.donkeys [at] gmail [dot] com

Stan Stucky      scstucky [at] nwi [dot] net

Judene Neustel   sjneustel [at] hotmail [dot] com

Email Address :    livingwordmoseslake [at] yahoo [dot] com

                     or LouandDebHesse [at] gmail [dot] com

Physical location of our church building:  
     (Please do not use this for postal mail, the post office does not deliver here):

     2609 West Broadway, in Moses Lake, Washington

Please send  official church CORRESPONDENCE to:

Living Word Lutheran Church         or    Curtis Robillard, president

250 Road 5 NE                                        Living Word Lutheran Church

Moses Lake, WA 98837                           4429 Dunn Street NE

                                                              Moses Lake, WA  98837

DONATIONS and MEMORIALS should be sent to the church treasurer,

     Tom Ellestad, treasurer

     3954 Mae Valley Road

     Moses Lake, WA 98837
or use the online giving option at the top of this page.

If you have a question or would like to be added to our email list,please provide as much information as you are comfortable sharing at this time:

First Name:*

Last Name:


Email: *


Address 1:

Address 2:





To contact the webmasterabout our website -- if you do not receive an emailed announcements within a week's time, click here.

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