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Coming Events:

       Weekly Class Schedule:

               Mondays:   Year 2 confirmation class, 6:00 PM, at the church -- ends in May.

               Tuesdays:   Ladies' study on Psalm 23, 9:30 - 11:00 AM (at the church)

               Wednesdays:  Bible Study, 2:00 - 3:30 PM, in the fellowship hall (Thessalonians)

               Thursdays:   Table Talk, 5:00 - 7:00 PM,  drop in/out any time 

                                     for questions you may have, current event discussion topics, etc.         


          Confirmation Day 2024:

                       June 9, 2024 during the Sunday AM service  (9:00 AM)

                     * Robbie M.,  Eli H.,  Tyson and Charlie J. have spent the past 2 years studying with Pastor 

                          Lou and will affirm their baptisms in June.  A cake, coffee, and punch reception will follow 

                          in the fellowship hall.





      ** Here are links to: 

                  Listen to or download recent  Sermon Podcasts  (audio only) 

                                   Available for 90 days online.

                  Watch service videos recorded via Facebook LIVE  

                            (You need not be a Facebook member to view these)

Online Resources


Sermons will be available online for 90 days,  click here.

Facebook LIVE services at 9 AM Pacific Time; recordings available later on Sunday afternoon.
  • Our weekly announcements and the lectionary readings for the week.
  • Links to the Facebook LIVE video services and sermon blog posts.
  • Pastor Lou's TRULY TRULY notes, and any other communication to the congregation that is deemed important enough to post here.

GREEK Language Study Resources

-- A list of resources for those who would like to understand the Biblical Greek.

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