Living Word Lutheran Church - "Your sins are forgiven, for Jesus' sake!"
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Minister of Word & Sacrament:
      Rev. Lou Hesse, pastor
        hesse [at] televar [dot] com
      (509) 765- 0321  -- at home
      (509) 760- 0274  -- cell

Pastor Lou can often be found in the church office on Wednesday afternoons, but it is a good idea to call first if you would like to come by to talk about something important, to make sure he is there.

Board of Directors:  2016
    President:  Curtis Robillard    crobillard [at] homenetnw [dot] net
    Vice President: Ruth Peppler
    Secretary: Debbie Hesse               hesse [at] televar [dot] com               
    Treasurer: Don Hochstater            donhochstatter [at] msn [dot] com
Board of Elders:
     Tom Ellestad    t.donkeys [at] gmail [dot] com
      Bill LeMaster   thelemasterfamily [at] gmail [dot] com
      Stan Stucky     scstucky [at] nwi [dot] net

 Email Address livingwordmoseslake [at] yahoo [dot] com
                            or    hesse [at] televar [dot] com
Please use this address for all official church correspondence:  
                                Living Word Lutheran Church
                          250 Road 5 NE
                          Moses Lake, WA  98837

Physical location
(Please do not use this for postal mail, the post office does not deliver here):      2609 West Broadway, Moses Lake

DONATIONS and MEMORIALS should be sent to the church treasurer, 
      Don Hochstatter
      4455 Road 4 NE
      Moses Lake, WA  98837
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